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Regular Clinic Hours:

Monday 8 - 4:30

Tuesday 8-4:30

Wednesday 8-4:30

Thursday 8 - 4:30

Friday 8 - 4

CLOSED Saturday/ Sunday and STAT holidays

stay tuned for more information about the new portal and online booking now that we are on our updated electronic medical record

you can no longer access the WOLF portal for labs and documents

if you would like to have the ability to see labs, diagnostic imaging and other test results sign up for MYHEALTHALBERTA by clicking link ....


we are changing our electronic medical record platform! 

Over the next 8 weeks we will be making changes to our software that will cause some clinic down time,  and some growing pains after our go live date on February 27, 2023

This is our THIRD EMR and we hope our LAST!!



1. Virtual visits will be limited to 1 issue. We are happy to book additional calls if needed to review the additional items

2. Make sure your phone will accept blocked calls as physicians will be calling from a blocked number

3. We try to stay on time but please understand we may call a few minutes before or after your booked time slot, if we are unable to connect with you please reach out to our staff - in most circumstances we will ask you to rebook

4. Prescriptions will be faxed to your preferred pharmacy, the staff will ask you to confirm at the time of your booking

5. Virtual visit prescriptions may be issued for up to 3 months but typically no longer - think of the virtual visit as a bridge

Covid 19


1. We are mainly back to typical flow through our office, but as each physician is still doing a block of virtual care the waiting room is fairly empty! We continue to do enhanced cleaning and we still ask that you do not bring any extra people to your appointment unless necessary for your care 

2. ALL PATIENTS ARE EXPECTED TO WEAR A MASK WHILE IN THE CLINIC- please bring your own non-medical mask to the appointment to help protect our team and the other patients, your mask should cover BOTH your mouth and nose and you should avoid touching the mask

3. If you do not have a mask when you arrive you will have these options:

  1. rebook your appointment

  2. buy a procedure mask from our PPE supply ($1 cost recovery)

4. Please help yourself to the hand sanitizer at the entrance on arrival.

5. IF YOU DEVELOP FEVER, COUGH, SORE THROAT, OR SHORTNESS OF BREATH AFTER BOOKING YOUR IN-PERSON APPOINTMENT WE ASK THAT YOU CONTACT US TO DISCUSS YOUR APPOINTMENT AND POTENTIALLY TO RESCHEDULE - no charge will apply for late cancellations and we will offer you a virtual visit instead as appropriate. We are still asking patient to consider a COVID swab in these instances not for their care, but to better create a safe environment for our vulnerable patients. 

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